Florida's Exclusive Provider of Individual and Group Ketamine Therapy Programs

The Kolp Institute, utilizing the only medically supervised ketamine assisted psychotherapy programs in the United States.


Welcome to the Kolp Institute’s outpatient, treatment-oriented Individual Transformation Program and pioneering residential WELL Program for personal growth and lifestyle rehabilitation. The Kolp Institute is a place for those seeking purification and renewal through a transformational experience.

Using ketamine-enhanced psycho-pharmacotherapy as a catalyst for change, the workshop provides clients with an opportunity for rapid personal transformation and lifestyle optimization.

Located within North Florida’s beautiful Nature Coast, our growth-oriented WELL Program provides a supportive and safe environment for clients to accelerate their psycho-spiritual growth by integrating body, mind, and soul in a serene setting with like-minded people. Our unique program is based on methodologies that enhance human potential, most importantly the groundbreaking therapeutic practice, ketamine-enhanced psycho-pharmacotherapy.

The Kolp Institute utilizes tele-psychiatry and tele-mental health, allowing clients from all over the world to have their initial assessment and follow up therapy sessions via two-way, interactive video conferencing. To learn more about this practice, please visit our Tele-psychiatry page.

About Dr. Kolp

Dr. Eli Kolp is licensed by the Florida Board of Medicine to practice psychiatry, is a diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology , and has 19 years of experience in the administration of ketamine in therapeutic settings. He is the founder of the Kolp Institute, which offers a unique combination of alternative psychological and biomedical tools available nowhere else in the United States.

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What Clients Say

My experience with Dr. Eli Kolp’s program is that it ushered in an entirely new threshold in the way I experience my life. Not long after completing the process I was able to resolve some inner programming that had challenged me since childhood, and had seemed irresolvable from my previous inner perspective. The program also created a foundation for resolving a physical health challenge, for which I have now found the key!
Juliette Jones, PhD