The WELL Program at the Kolp Institute is based on the knowledge that each individual already has the ingredients for a long, healthy, happy life.

Most of us live lifestyles that we already know are not healthy. Poor diet, high stress, and the lack of exercise necessary to keep our hearts, lungs, and brains healthy all contribute to making Americans among the unhealthiest people in the world.

The Wellness and Prevention model of health care used at the Kolp Institute emphasizes that simple lifestyle changes can have a powerful impact on long-term health and dramatically decrease the risk of developing a serious illness. Rather than managing symptoms as they arise, we aim to keep people from getting sick in the first place.

When interviewed, most Americans can recite the ingredients to healthy living: eat plant-based foods, stay hydrated, refrain from smoking and excessive alcohol intake, get regular exercise, and find ways to manage stress. But simple knowledge is clearly not enough.

Our WELL Program is designed to create a transformational experience that drives home these simple principles for healthy leaving in a profound and lasting way. We combine ancient wisdom from yogic and other spiritual traditions with modern science from the fields of psychology, nutrition, addiction, and brain research, to create a six-day experience with the power and the potential to change your life’s trajectory in a way that will lead to a longer, healthier, and happier life.