“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

— Thomas A. Edison

 Dr. Eli Kolp
Dr. Eli Kolp
Dr. Kolp’s CV

Meet Dr. Eli Kolp

Eli M. Kolp, M.D., is licensed by the Florida Board of Medicine to practice psychiatry, is a diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology , and has 19 years of experience in the administration of ketamine in therapeutic settings. He has a long-standing interest in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and its application for treatment of addictive disorders and death anxiety.

Dr. Kolp was born and educated in the former Soviet Union. His parents, both physicians, practiced medicine throughout Central Asia, and the family lived in several different republics before settling in Moscow in 1970.

While in Moscow, Dr. Kolp completed medical school in 1973, a surgical internship in 1974 and residency training in psychiatry in 1978. He practiced psychiatry there until 1981, when he immigrated to the United States.

Dr. Kolp spent two years studying English, learning American culture and preparing for licensure in the United States. He completed a second residency in psychiatry in 1987 at the University of Texas Medical School in Houston. While there, he accepted the position of Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry. In 1988, Dr. Kolp moved to Tampa to continue his education at the University of South Florida College of Medicine, where he completed a fellowship in Geriatric Psychiatry in 1989.

Since that time, Dr. Kolp has maintained his interests in both academic and clinical psychiatry. He joined the faculty of the Department of Psychiatry as Clinical Assistant Professor at the USF College of Medicine. He also established and maintained a private practice, and has served as medical director in several psychiatric hospitals in the Tampa Bay area, directing both residential and outpatient treatment programs. Dr. Kolp specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of people with anxiety and eating disorders, affective and psychotic illnesses, sexual problems and addictive illnesses.

Dr. Kolp’s current primary practice is limited to ketamine-enhanced psycho-pharmacotherapy in his growth oriented treatment programs.