The Kolp Institute is dedicated to helping program participants optimize their lifestyle and accelerate their psycho-spiritual growth through a ketamine experience coupled with tele-psychiatry , preventive medicine, and existential and transpersonal psychologies. Our residential workshop promotes the longevity, physiological health, psychological well-being, and perpetual spiritual growth of our clients. The Kolp Institute is committed to helping our clients take charge of their own lifestyle rehabilitation and maintain their well-being—not just for a season, but for a lifetime.

We feel that in the complex, digitized modern world, our authentic selves can become submerged or lost. This can cause us to act in ways that are contrary to our innermost values and unhealthy for our bodies.

  • Our lifestyles can degrade through addictions to common substances (such as salt, sugar, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, and junk food) and harmful sexual practices, resulting in psychosomatic illnesses and degenerative disorders.
  • Our relationships at home and work can become sources of tensions and anxieties rather than of support and nurturance, increasing the likelihood of stress-related disorders.
  • Our interactions with others can become superficial and manipulative, causing us to feel alienated and alone in crowds of people and transform into workaholics, gamblers, and shopaholics.
  • At the same time, our relationship with the environment can become exploitative as we worship science at the expense of the human spirit.

We also believe in the potential and the power of awareness. Increasing awareness is a lifelong journey, but tried and true methods of accelerating awareness do exist. The Kolp Institute employs many of these methods in our workshop.