Kolp Institute utilizes tele-psychiatry and tele-mental health for clients who prefer having their initial assessment with a psychiatrist and follow-up therapy sessions with a psychotherapist by two-way, interactive videoconferencing instead of traveling to and from the office. The Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare reported that tele-psychiatry and tele-mental health are as effective in evaluation and treatment of psychiatric illnesses and psychological problems as seeing patients in the office.

Two-way, interactive videoconferences make ketamine pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy available to those clients who don’t have an access to those modalities in their local areas. Tele-psychiatry and tele-mental health are available for all patients who have internet access, a PC or laptop with a web cam, and microphone. In addition to the accessibility of this very specialized treatment, tele-psychiatry and tele-mental health allows the patients having the appointment with a psychiatrist and a psychotherapist from the comfort of their home, office, hotel, or any place where it is private.