Ketamine Psychotherapy for the Treatment of Food Addiction

The outpatient, Individual Transformation Program at the Kolp Institute is a treatment-oriented Food Addiction program utilizing ketamine-enhanced psycho-pharmacotherapy geared toward patients who are resistant to treatment with conventional pharmacotherapy and/or psychotherapy. Ketamine-enhanced psycho-pharmacotherapy attempts transcend presumable underline psychological causes of food addiction and limits an administration of ketamine to only a single session. The course of psychotherapy progresses through three stages: preparation for ketamine-induced experience, induction of the experience, and its integration.

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The course of treatment in Transformation program consists of 10 sessions administered in the following stages:

  • Session 1: Assessment for appropriateness of ketamine treatment and life review
  • Sessions 2: Establishment of a therapeutic alliance with a psychotherapist and beginning of psychodynamic and transpersonal psychotherapy
  • Sessions 3: Continuance of psychodynamic and transpersonal psychotherapy
  • Sessions 4: Continuance of psychodynamic and transpersonal psychotherapy
  • Sessions 5: Continuance of psychodynamic and transpersonal psychotherapy
  • Session 6: Continuance of psychodynamic and transpersonal psychotherapy
  • Session 7: Formulation of the bio-psycho-spiritual goal for the Ketamine session and preparation for the ketamine-induced experience
  • Sessions 8: Induction of the non-ordinary state of consciousness through the administration of Ketamine
  • Sessions 9: Integration of the ketamine-induced experience
  • Sessions 10: Continuance of integration of the ketamine-induced experience

The course of treatment is structured on a weekly basis with one session per week. Sessions 1 – 7 and 9 – 10 are one hour long (conducted via two-way, interactive videoconferencing). The ketamine administration occurs during the eighth session and is three hours long. The ketamine administration is done in our office in Gainesville. Patients arrive to Gainesville (if traveling from out of the area) one day before the session and depart the day after. Patients must arrange their own accommodations in the Gainesville area and must bring a “sitter” (a friend, relative, or other trusted person) to drive them from our office following the ketamine administration and to stay with them for at least twelve hours immediately thereafter.


Our Methods

In order to facilitate a transcendent experience we use ketamine, a substance that is powerful yet safe in clinical settings, to help clients break through their habitual ways of seeing themselves, others, and the world. Following six weeks of preparation and weekly one-hour sessions with a program psychotherapist, clients visit our Gainesville office for their ketamine session . All out of town clients are asked to arrive in Gainesville the night prior to their session, along with a friend or trusted companion to act as a sitter, and to make provisions for an overnight stay following the session. In the comfort of our office, Dr. Kolp administers a sub-anesthetic dose of ketamine to clients and personally attends them during the two hour experience.

We help clients gain insights into their own barriers to full functioning by maximizing each participant’s opportunity for a productive and meaningful ketamine session. We facilitate this experience with the combination of a safe, tranquil environment, evocative music, and trusted staff.