One spiritual teacher said: “There are four universal spiritual questions: Who am truly I? Where did I come from? Where will I go? What is my destiny? All religions start with these questions and all religions end when these questions are answered.”

The most ultimate question is about the nature of the self. Am I a finite mortal body? Am I an infinite immortal soul? Does my existence is terminated at the time of the death? Do I continue my existence as a non-physical entity? Most of us do believe in the existence of Soul and life after death. However, all human beings have the need to know and unaided beliefs create doubts and uncertainty resulting in the lifelong death anxiety.

The Ketamine-Induced Transpersonal Experience provides the participant with an experiential knowledge of the Self’s nature. During the ketamine session the experiencer will leave the physical body and, for the first time for the most of people, will experience self as a non-physical entity. For 45 minutes the self will exist outside of the mortal body and outside of the limited ego – as an infinite and immortal soul. This experience is similar to near-death experience, which has been shown to end the fear of death and frequently cause a profound personal transformation. This transpersonal experience will open to the participant a new vision of the self and the self’s potentials.

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